DIY washi tape christmas ornament

a handmade holiday- DIY ornamentsWe’re so thrilled to be sharing a DIY Christmas Ornament as part of A Handmade Holiday’s party hop today!

A Handmade Holiday- DIY washi tape ornamentsI consider myself to be a minimalist, generally speaking. However, I cannot seem to whittle my Christmas ornament collection (and keep adding to it!). This year, a little washi-tape Christmas tree was an absolutely necessary addition to my already-out-of-control Christmas ornament collection.

DIY washi tape christmas tree ornamentWant to DIY one too? First cut off the bottom of a party hat. Then, starting at the bottom of the small cone you have left, add rows of stuck together washi tape (so it isn’t sticky) around the perimeter of the cone. Fringe the washi tape. Repeat until the entire cone is covered in washi-fringe. To add the star on top, cut/punch out four stars and fold them in half. Thread a piece of wire (or ornament hanger) out of the top of the cone. Hot glue one star to the wire, along the star’s folded edge. Add another star, hot glueing both to the wire and to the star that’s already in place. Repeat with the other two stars until you have a 3-D tree topper. You’re finished!

DIY marbleized Christmas ornament

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handmade holiday party hopAnd check back tomorrow for more Handmade Holiday goodness!


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