how to make a white fringed backdrop (for $2!)

how to make a white backdropI pretty much love party backdrops- especially white backdrops… and, while we’re at it, fringed backdrops. I also am entirely smitten with gold backdrops, but that’s besides the point. White. Fringe. Backdrops. Yes.

While wandering the dollar store aisles (searching for oil and vinegar bottles for another party, actually), I grabbed a couple of packs of white tissue paper, hoping to make a white backdrop for my sister’s Mister or Miss gender reveal party.

how to make a white party backdropI know that a fringed party backdrop shouldn’t be that tricky- fold the paper in half, cut fringe, hang. But, having made one (fairly high maintenance) fringed backdrop in the past, I was hoping for fewer ‘panels’ and more stability. Enter this (brilliant!) tutorial for making a sewn fringe banner. Game changer. I should’ve known my sewing machine would be the answer to my unstable, too-many-pieces, fringed backdrop woes.

Even better, this whole backdrop cost $2. And if you’re getting married and need a fringed white photo booth backdrop that it wider and taller than this one, I think it’ll still only cost you $3. Love that.

DIY white backdropTo make one of these backdrops yourself-

how to make a white backdropLayer two pieces of tissue paper on top of each other and fold in half (if there’s a shinier side to the paper, fold that to the inside and make the matte side the outside).

DIY white backdropRepeat and repeat and repeat (I made nine rows and used three two-layer stacks per row, so twenty seven stacks total).

how to make a white backdrophow to make a fringe backdropLine up three stacks of tissue paper in a row, with a few inches of overlap between each stack. Sew a line of stitching along the entire top edge, securing the panels together (and also the layers of tissue paper together).

how to make a photobooth backdropOnce all of your rows are made, start fringing. Cut skinny little rows for more movement and, well, fringe.

DIY white fringed dessert table backdropHang the layers- start at the bottom and then move up, overlapping the bottom fringe of one row on top of the sewn top edge of the row below.

how to make a white backdropUse as a backdrop for a photo booth, a party table or a dessert buffet!

how to make a white backdropOr, if you’re really wanting to spice things up, blow up some balloons, let your 2-year-old wear her favorite ‘party dress’ and a party hat and watch how the morning unfolds. I’ll give you a hint- there is a lot of balloon tossing. And, if you’re Piper Jane, lots of singing of Raffi songs (white backdrops put a song in her heart apparently).

This little project = two dollars very well spent, my friends.


  1. Vivian says

    What about using the dollar store plastic table cloths. The could be easily cut with a rotary cutter to get desired strips/fringe and also sewn together. I would think they would be also more durable. Think of all the color options to.

  2. says

    This post came at the perfect time! Thank you! I just hosted a 30th birthday/favorite things party and this tutorial sparked an idea on how to cover my TV! (I did a new sew version)

  3. Mandee says

    This is amazing! Could do with different colors too! Could probably just stape instead of sew also… since I dont own a sewing machine :P


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